Self-Taught UX Curriculum

Introduction Week 1 – UX Primer A User Experience Primer (What is interaction design?) & Human Centred Design (HCD) Case Study  Readings:  The Design of Everyday Things (Don Norman, 2013) – Ch.1 “The Psychopathology of Everyday Things” ✅ What Is Interaction? Are There Different Types? (Dubberly et al., 2009) – Interaction Design: Beyond Human ✅\Computer Interaction (Preece et al., 2015)… Continue reading Self-Taught UX Curriculum

Career change into UX

As I write this, I’m at the beginning of my career transition into UX design. Not a completely unfamiliar concept to me, ‘user experience’ design is something I’ve always done as a designer; having studied architecture, I’ve always thought about people and how they interact with the designed world. UX design takes this thinking to… Continue reading Career change into UX