Week 1: User Experience (UX) Primer

Week 1 – UX Primer

A User Experience Primer (What is interaction design?) & Human Centred Design (HCD) Case Study 


  • The Design of Everyday Things (Don Norman, 2013) – Ch.1 “The Psychopathology of Everyday Things” ✅
  • What Is Interaction? Are There Different Types? (Dubberly et al., 2009)- 
  • Interaction Design: Beyond Human Computer Interaction (Preece et al., 2015) – Ch. 1 “What is Interaction Design?” ✅
  • The frontier of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Bloomberg – These Devices Let you hear through your skin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=285Jg0WN2yo) ✅

Lectures (~3hrs videos)

Tutorial Activity 1: Human Centred Design (HCD) Case Study

  • Activity: Create a list of good and bad examples from your life of interactive designs that you use everyday. Use Normans fundamental interaction principles (Affordances, Signifiers, Mappings, Feedback, and Conceptual Models) to break-down how we interact with these everyday things.